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Description de Xiaomi Mi Projector & Tv Tools

Xiaomi Mi ProjecTivy Tools :
Tools for XiaomiFengmiMijiaWemax Projectors & Tvs

- Shortcuts to change signal source (HDMI 123, AV) and onscreen menu popup
- Freeze (disable) stock apps [ROOT]
- Freeze (disable) stock launcher to replace with another one [ROOT]
- Install 3rd party apps (and Google Apps [ROOT] !)
- Shortcuts to : Media explorer, Android settings, Projector settings, Projector engineering menu (beware what you're clicking, I won't be liable if your projector explodes or its laser burns your cat to ashes)
- Ability to overide custom props [ROOT]
- Decrease Input Lag [ROOT]
- ZoomUnzoom video image [ROOT]
- Boot to any external input
- Force UI to 4K
- Get device details

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